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Hey Amigo

I hope this finds you doing better and on the mend.
I have been thinking about this email for a long time and wanted you to know that I have met a lot of horseman in my time, some good, some not so good. But, I think you to be among the very best I have ever known.. I haven't met you yet so, "known" is the best I can say for now.
First: I took note of you, because of all that you have done in the horse world, your "credentials" if you will. I thought, "if this guy has accomplished so much in his life, I need to know how he did it". That's what got me started on the double rein method. I can't tell you how affected I was, and am, by what I have learned from you, having never met you. Having said all that. What I was trying to tell you about your last video is: You have accomplished so much in your life, you have so much to tell and teach. That's what I want to hear. People are pretty much like me. I think I'm pretty average, and people want to know: "how is this going to help ME?" By what you have accomplished in  your life time is HUGE, but saying it over, and over, and over again, gets people thinking: "this is all about HIM". See, people want it to be all about THEM.
You have so much to offer, so much to teach, but I think sometimes you make it sound to simple. Your right it is, simple, that's what I love about it. I mean after all, I can do it, so it has to be simple. People want to hear, how what you have to offer is going to help them. Teach their horse to be safer, more self confident, softer, more willing. These are all things I have found the double rein method to bring out in a horse. THAT'S what people want to know and hear. By the way. When we are talking about the credentials of a auto mechanic and heart surgeon you have to admit they are two totally different things. One your car does not run so well, the other you die. So, comparing your credentials with those of a heart surgeon is not fair.
I think you have a lot to offer folks in the horse world. Not everyone is going to agree with you and  your method. They don't agree with me and my methods all the time. But they sure as hell like the results. The same is true of you. They may not like, everything you say about horses or training, but if they would just take the time to try it, they would love the results.
So know this: I think the world of you and what you have accomplished. More then that, I love what you have done for me as a horseman and a trainer. I hope one day there will be folks I have helped that will appreciate what I have done for them half as much.
Your friend.
Hi Mackie,
Thanks for the nice email.  I apologize that I have given you the wrong impression when I mentioned my credentials.  I get tens of thousands of people that visit my website each year from different walks of life with different disciplines from around 80 different countries.  I am not only a horse trainer but most of all a horseman.  My job is to try and answer questions of how to communicate with your horse, and for each one I must give my experience and background for them to decide if they care to listen based on my experiences.  Don't think for one minute that if others had my experiences they wouldn't do the same thing.  Anyone can do what I do if they care to dedicate their life exclusively to just one thing and that is communicating with horses which I have done over the last 52 years.  I have paid my dues by having 11 broken bones, torn tendons in both knees and shoulders.  Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions you may have had with my credentials.As always your good friend,
Hey Al

I hope this finds you doing better.
Yep, it's because of all the things you have done in your past, your credentials if you will, that motivated me to try your double rein method. Figured, if this guy has done all this, there must be something to what he's doing.. I thank you for that, and all I have learned from you.



Morning Al

I wrote a little about you in my blog this morning. Feel free to check it out...
Hope this finds you and yours safe and warm."
Chelsea Ferguson 9:08am May 4
Just wanted to thank you so, so very much for designing the best saddle ever, I am truly in your debt! I had a stroke years ago and have never felt secure on a horse ever since, so gave up riding altogether. I tried a traditional Australian saddle once because I really liked the poleys but didn't like the wobbly feel of all of that padding. Then I found your saddle and what a difference! The deeper seat and the poleys paired with the better fit without all of that padding is amazing! Combine that with the greatest horse around, and now when the world starts to sway I feel safer in my saddle than I do on my own feet, lol! Catfish and I have been spending many hours in the arena instead of through the fence, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. Someday, I'm even hoping to actually go out on some trails again. With your help, I have back the part of my life I've missed the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you Al!
Hi Chelsea, Thank you for the kind words, and your are very welcome.
Love Al
Howdy Al
Got my double reins from the post office on Friday afternoon and put them to work at a sentiniel celebration in Kingston, New Mexico on Saturday morning.  I rode my paint horse for several hours amongst large crowds, noise, traffic, music, dogs and children. Had lots of compliments on the way my horse carried himself. I really enjoyed the soft trot (everytime) I got with the new equipment.

I'm happy


Hey Mark, glad you got your reins in time for your event. Good luck and enjoy a new horse with your reins. Call me if you need anything.


I found your website while looking at saddles from Down Under Saddle Supply.  Watched the free “collection” video and decided to make my own reins, etc, and give it a whirl on my nearly 20 year old former ranch/roping/feed yard horse who is very heavy on his front end.  Never was able to collect him with usual collection methods because he fought any contact on any bit with head tossing and shaking, etc.  However, using your method for about 7 days now he is coming along nicely and when being worked in the round pen (without me on his back) everything is perfect.  He’ll occasionally try to poke his nose out, but when he hits the tension, he puts his nose back where it belongs.

So, here’s my problem.  Buddy is a wise old man, obviously smarter than I am.  When I ride him, even when I have my rein hand tightly holding on to the saddle horn, he knows that rein is in my hand and knows if he pokes his nose out hard enough, he can rip my hand from the horn so he gets a second or two of “relief” while I grab the horn again.  So far he’s only done this a couple times in 4 or 5 rides.  I assume you do not leave the bottom rein wrapped around the horn when there is a rider aboard for safety reasons.  I’m a 64 year old female who likes “safety”.  But I don’t want the horse to get in the habit of ripping the reins out of my hand either.  I like to nip this problem in the bud.  Any suggestions?


Nancy Ferrarie

Hi Nancy.I give the measurements on my site so that folks like you can make your own reins. But I have said that duplication of the bungee reins will be very hard as they must be seven pounds per square inch. What that does is give the right amount tension so that he can't pull them away from you, he will be pulling against himself, and he won't do that. If he pulls them out of your hands the reins are to stiff, but on the other hand if the bungee is to soft, he won't respect them.So I suggest look for another bungee cord, or my bungee cords reins sell for $55.00 complete with leather,snaps,clamps and ect.plus freight. And I don't recommend ever hooking to the horn while you are on his back. You can call me or send me your pnone number, and I will call you back, this way it won't cost you anything.

Al 956-802-2286.


Howdy Al

Mackie was out doing a cross country trip with a student yesterday, in the foothills of the Gila and I ran across them near his ranch. He gave me and my horse a lift, in his trailer, back to his main barn and we began discussing horsemanship (natural horsemanship to be specific). Neither one of us like the term that has been tossed about for quite some time now. Mackie is writing a paper on the topic and I encouraged him to attempt to publish it in Western Horseman and similar magazines.

 At any rate, the subject of collection came up and Mackie came out with some hardware he purchased from you some time ago and we put it on my big paint horse in the round pen. I worked him in both directions for about 10 minutes, then stepped up on him and rode a short while longer. I am truly impressed with your equipment. It is so easy to use and will save a whole lot of time and energy to reinforce this skill in my horses; got to have it!!! Problem is, I do not see your equipment advertised on line? Can you help me out with this when you get a chance? 


Mark Hartman

Hillsboro, NM

 Hi, Mark.  Thanks for the letter.  You can click on the Double Reins/DVDs link above to find everything you need.  Thanks again.



Just wanted to pass on a nice email I got from some folks that are using your double reins.

Hope you and yours are safe and warm.
"Thanks for sharing Al's bungie rein system with us.  Have just started using it with Bounty and am finding it very helpful for those times when he has to ride behind and gets his 'shorts in a twist'.  I think this is going to result in a breakthrough once he gets it that he can't win by fighting it.regards,
Hi Mackie, thanks for the e-mail from mara. Seems that your doing a great job, I shared with a friend how you made the reins work for you because it took longer to put a rein on a horse he has lost all his business because of the times and the money. Less is better, and honest is still the best policy, exactly what your doing. best of luck, Al

Morning Al,

Thanks Al for the kind words. I just wanted you to know, which I'm pretty sure you do, that the double reins work really well, and anyone can do it.
Thanks again for a great product and the support you give folks that use them..
Stay safe





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