Confident Horseback Riding (Printed Edition)


Are you looking to take your horseback riding to the next level? Then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on this groundbreaking book by master horseman Al Ragusin.

This book is packed with Al’s secret strategies, techniques, and insights – all of which he has used to make him one of the world’s most successful horse trainers. He reveals how to effectively communicate and bond with your horse, how to train them safely and quickly, and how to maintain mutual respect and trust between the two of you.

With this book, you’ll have access to the tools and techniques you need to gain confidence in your horseback riding skills and make progress with each passing day. All of this and more are waiting for you in Al Ragusin’s Confident Horseback Riding. Don’t miss out – grab your copy today and start your journey to becoming a successful horseback rider!

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if you have a fascination with horses or participate horseback riding. is a hobby or work as a professional rider or trainer then this book is for you.

Horses like humans at times can be complicated but the way a horse feels and thinks cannot compare to any other animal except those horses that are cross bred.

Horses live in a black and white world and one must have their respect and Trust.

This book covers how to communicate and gain that respect and Trust. Introducing master Horseman Al Ragusin, one of the world’s most decorated horsemen.

The pages of this publication extricate his vast knowledge and experience in training horses revealing trade secrets not just about the physical, but the mental aspects of the process.

Readers can expect to learn how to communicate and connect one-on-one with their horse creating a better and more efficient relationship between horse and rider.

You will learn to train your horse with proven methods, and you will have access to tools to accomplish your goals in a safe and pain free way and only days instead of months.

You will see progress with each passing day.

When you see progress, it will inspire you to learn more.

Confident Horseback Riding

Confident Horseback Riding book

Confident Horseback Riding book

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