If you had a tooth that needed to be extracted, would you permit your neighbor to pull that tooth that works selling cars and has no medical education? Probably not.

The same applies to training horses. When I was asked to be on National TV to show my training method and how I train a Dancing Horse, I didn’t have any experience in taping 30-minute videos.

Distinguishing Excellence: The Profound Difference Between a Horseman and a Horse Trainer, as Told by Al Ragusin - The World's Most Decorated Horseman

I researched and watched other horse training shows to see how it was done. I was shocked that not one trainer had any credentials.

There are good horse trainers that train cutting horses, race horses, barrel horses, and in other horse disciplines but some trainers will not necessarily have any record of credentials unless they compete in registered events with others to show that they have a record of their accomplishments which would show the years of experience to stand behind their horse training.

The more event’s you win, the more credentials you earn.

A Horseman is a person that has mastered most disciplines and has won numerous registered events over many years in at least 8 different disciplines and during this process you will develop knowledge of understanding every aspect of the horse and how to communicate with him.

That is what I refer to being a true Horseman. In earlier years there were many horseman but today not so much, time is an essential necessity that no one has much of.

Today I can’t name one such horseman. Why? Knowledge of the horse is your only reward. Fame and money does not make a true Horseman.

As a Horseman I have won 386 first place trophies in eight different events in my 76 years of working with horses and have the only true dancing horses that can follow the beat of the music, and a Bullfighter on Horseback (bloodless) in the world and according to two major film companies that film movies for HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and others have vetted my life and found that I am the World’s Most Decorated Horseman.

I have invented the world’s first Collection Reins and my method of training can show you how you can train your horses in less than 2 weeks at a total cost of less than $200 with a money back guarantee.

I have a total of 80 horse training videos on my website “AlRagusin.com”, and “trainingyourownhorse.com” and on you tube and they are free to view. After all that is said and done, I found that training horses is a simple process, you just need the right equipment and technique that I have developed.