Full 1-Hour Horse Collection Video

In this video, I show you exactly how my double reins method works for collecting your horse. You can see yourself the results after just one hour of collecting a horse that has never been collected before.

Horse collection is all about understanding your horse, using the right equipment, and using the right techniques to essentially get a horse to collect himself. Horse collection is then easy.

I want to stress once again that this method is completely safe and effective. The training double reins that I myself designed help guide the horse in collecting himself. I experimented with many designs, many degrees of elastic tension, and many horses before finding the perfect combination of components.

In essence, the bungee-cord-like training reins are designed to gently pull on the horse's head only when it is raised, making him slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, when the head is down in a collected position, no tension is exerted on the horse's head at all. The horse will then learn to stay in the most comfortable and enjoyable position, which is in a perfectly collected state.

In the video you can see how the horse experiments with the reins himself, slowly learning that the most comfortable position is the collected position. With time, the horse learns to collect himself whenever reins are mounted on him. When it comes to horse collection, this method is guaranteed to be both safe and effective.

More on Collection - Free DVD Episode

The video below is a sample episode from my DVD lessons. It will show you more details about my techniques.

Al Ragusin's Techniques Keep Me in the Saddle

Camille is a young lady with many years of horse experience and a life-long passion for horses. (Listen her experience with my techniques in the video to the right.) Camille has herself collected four horses, and using my methods, it usually took her from 20 to 30 minutes. She has rarely seen a horse that takes over just one hour using the double reins.

One of her horses that marked significant improvement was a strong horse that pulled on her and wore her out after riding him. He even rode off with her a few times. After a lesson with me for 20 minutes, when she rode him using an Australian saddle and the double reins, the horse tried to resist once again, but this time Camille kept him under control. The method also "worked beautifully" for another one of her horses which often tossed its head and was easily scared of things. Overall, she feels that the double reins helped improve the level of collection of her horses and her communication with them, bringing out the natural abilities of the horses.

The first step to be able to ride and train your horse is to know that no matter how much you read or watch, there's always going to be new ways of doing things, and you are going to need for your sake and your horse's sake to keep an open mind...

There's more than one way to ride a horse. One is no better than another, but some certainly make it safe and easier...

With Al's method, I have built up my self-confidence quite a bit and worked through some fears. I still have them, but with his double reins, the Australian saddle, and a helmet, and just trying to learn knowledge and seek knowledge, I feel I am keeping my odds to having a safe, fun ride and it keeps me in the saddle--it keeps me going.


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