I have been asked that question so many times. I’ve also been asked when are you going to have a seminar? It is hard for me to generalize but I’ll answer this way. When is a horse right for you? When I see the both of you together and I want you to ride him as you would normally. I will be able to tell a lot by simply watching you ride. That is the only way I may be able to help you.

Seeing how your horse reacts to you and how you handle him, what kind of gear you use and how is it being used. Is it adjusted properly, is your posture correct, are you sitting right in the saddle, are your stirrups adjusted correctly, is your hand position where it should be, how much pressure are you putting on his mouth, how is he responding to the pressure, are you balanced in the saddle, is your saddle and bit right for him, how tight is the cinch, are you using unnecessary equipment, and is it hindering his performance.

For example, are you using a tie down, bell on his hocks, and that type of thing. I call this gimmicks or crutches, and in my almost 50 years of training I have never used any of this. I don’t believe in any shin guards or anything that will impair his movements or distract him or him knowing he has these guards so he does not have to be careful where he plants his feet. Companies that sell these things will not like me saying this but it is the truth as I have experienced it.

For example, just look at old westerns as I find on my Dish Network on the Western Channel. You will never find one horse that has one of these things. Yet, look how well they ride. I see hundreds of horses in these movies maybe even thousands and NONE have any crutches and while you are looking at these movies notice that all the riders know how to ride. Well maybe except for one and he was such a good actor that he could get away with it and that person was John Wayne. I love watching him because I feel that he represents what America is all about. Hero or not he always holds onto the saddle horn while he is in a lope. I can honestly say he is the only one.

Now look at the new movies and lets say in the last ten years not one of ten know how to ride. I find this awfully funny, they are bouncing in the saddle, off balance, and it seems that no one knows the difference at least the people watching the same movie in my presence.

So you see what I mean when I say I can’t tell you in a seminar or over the phone exactly what your problem is. One e-mail that I received lately told me he enjoyed my series of videos on RFD-TV during the months of May and June that I aired my training videos because I was the only one that answered his problems in a language that he could understand. He goes on to say there are seminars that tell you how to break your own horse (which I have no intention on trying it and getting hurt) then there are others that show you how to play games with your horses that is suppose to gentle your horse around giant beach balls other shows that show you how to slide your horse to a stop, others show you how to turn your horse in a fast circle (which I see no benefit in doing).

Spinning your horse using his back legs as pivots does help, but there is nothing that helps you ride and understand your horse. The reason for that being because you can’t generalize simply because each horse is different as each person is.

So I can talk in general terms but that won’t take fifteen minutes. The rest I will have to show you on your horse, this method won’t make me a lot of money but if I help one person from getting hurt it is worth it for me.

That is why I am showing a training video each week on my web site free of charge. Of course, you can order a copy if you want to add it to your library. My web site is You may download and view this training film when ever you want.

Feel free to call me direct at 956-802-2286. If a few of you want to get together I will drive or fly to your town and work with you and your horse at a price anyone can afford. If you want to ride better and understand your horse. All I charge is a dollar per mile one way which takes care of all my expenses which several of you may want to split the cost or have a sponsor that will pick this up so that I can go to their business and work with you and your horse. No more that ten people on any given weekend.
See you next month. So long for now.

Your Friend,