The most common asked question how do I train my horse to make precision movements for precision riding. I may not necessarily want him to dance but I may want to teach him the Spanish march for example.

To use it to further his education or you may want to do a parade, etc. By far this question exceeds all other questions. These movements are taught in dressage, reining, cutting horses, and so on. So I am going to start a series of 3 basic movements that I consider to be most important.

The Spanish march where as your horse will pick up one of his front legs extended out and put it down. And then extend the other leg out and while this is being done his back legs move forward in time with the front legs. He is then marching.

Then the second will be the passage, this movement is described as an extended trot with lots of elevation. Throwing his front feet forward while in a trot with lots of action.

The third is a piffee. This movement is trotting in place with maximum elevation.

These descriptions are short and to the point. They will be explained further but I won’t at this point. Of course you can use a horse or a mare to do these movements. But I refer to your horse or mare as simply “Your Horse”.

Now it has been my experience that either a stallion, gelding, or mare can be taught. My experiences that a gelding will advance his training faster than the stallion and in some instances the mare. The gelding has less “things” on his mind and I am able to advance him faster. Because in precision riding as I call it, it takes time, repetitions, cues, and the advancement of these cues.

This is why I developed my technique in order to simplify and advance my training faster. I don’t use crutches, gimmicks, or harsh treatment to accomplish what I want. I have covered these three in previous articles. To explain my technique basically I show my horse by my feet position, my collection reins for control, and teach by association in order for him to anticipate my next cue. Some folks may interpret this as a short cut but it is by far not that. It is a technique that took me years of perfecting a different way to communicate with my horse in order to achieve precision riding.

For a better understanding of what I want and a easier way for him to understand and be comfortable with. This is not done over night, it took most of my 48 years of training to figure this out. Test it on various breeds, ages, and gender. In the old way of training horses worked good as a basis on which to start.

For example, the Model T Ford was a good starting point in automobiles and through the years the 2007 models are by far advanced and much smoother to drive. So you could not describe this advancement as a short cut. It was accomplished with years of research, trial and error, and the demands of the modern day drivers.

The way I see it, so goes the horse. Modern day horses are much different than the horses of old. The up keep of your horses are greater and your quality of living requires more of your time than it did in the old days. So this leaves you with less time spent on your horse and I feel that is why my precision riding technique is becoming so popular. Because through my 48 years of research, trial and errors, and constantly looking for a better way of communicating with my horses.

Making it clear and easier for both of us to communicate with each other. Which saves time, in turn saves money, which in turn gives you more enjoyment from riding, and a safer way to get there, which in turn makes your horse more comfortable and happier.

So it was learned through years of experience and not in any way “Short Cuts” and my precision riding technique was tested through competition with others through many years of different disciplines, lots of heart aches, disappointments, and a couple of wives along the way to say the least. I never in my wildest dreams ever think that I would be teaching this technique to others, or that they would want me to.

I want you to know from the bottom of my heart it is a pleasure and an honor to teach whatever I can, to ride a safer and easier way, so that you don’t have to spend 48 years of your life experimenting. It is gratifying to know that my life work will go on through you and won’t stop when I am gone. So next month the Spanish march.

So see ya!

Your Pal,

Precision Riding

Precision Riding with Al Ragusin