Al Ragusin is a renowned horse trainer who has spent 47 years perfecting his technique. He has developed a unique way of extending cues and refining them to a point where there is very little movement in his legs.

This makes it appear that the horse is dancing on his own, when in reality, it is a result of the careful training and communication between Al and his horses.

Extending Cues. Al Ragusin is a renowned horse trainer known for his dancing horses

In this article, we will explore Al’s approach to horse training, his technique for extending cues, and how it can benefit you as a horse owner.

Anyone Can Do It

Before we dive into Al’s technique, it’s essential to note that anyone can accomplish what he does with the right amount of time and dedication. It may take years to train a horse to perform precision movements, but the end result is worth it.

Extending Cues

Al’s technique involves extending cues to the point where there is very little movement in his legs. This refinement is the result of years of experience and training in nine different disciplines. His starting point was some of the cues he was taught long ago, but he has since developed his own approach.


Sometimes, Al’s technique is misinterpreted as a shortcut to training, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is simply a way of extending cues to refine movements and make them appear more effortless. The illusion created is similar to the one created by a magician. It makes for great entertainment, but it is not a shortcut to horse training.

Al’s Philosophy

Al believes in having an open mind when it comes to horse training. He has learned from others and used the parts that benefited him through their experience. He encourages everyone to have the same attitude and learn as much as possible to improve their training skills.

Sharing His Experiences

Al does not write articles and a Q&A column to sell his products. Instead, he shares his experiences and expertise to help other horse owners train their horses. He provides information and free training videos on his website, which he developed after many requests from his fans.


Al Ragusin’s technique for extending cues has been developed over 47 years of training horses in different disciplines. It is a refinement of existing cues that makes it appear as if the horse is dancing on its own. While it is not a shortcut to horse training, it can make movements more effortless and refined.

Al’s philosophy is to have an open mind and learn as much as possible to improve horse training skills. He is happy to share his experiences with others and hopes to help them better communicate and understand their horses.

Whether you are an experienced horse owner or a beginner, Al’s technique can benefit you. With time and dedication, you can train your horse to perform precision movements that will wow audiences and strengthen your bond with your horse.