Unleash Your Riding Potential with ‘Confident Horseback Riding’ Audio Book – Listen to Sample Chapters Now!

If you’re looking to improve your horseback riding skills and build your confidence, then “Confidence Horseback Riding” by Al Ragusin is the perfect audio book for you.

Al Ragusin is a renowned horse trainer with over 50 years of experience in the industry. He has developed proven methods that allow you to train your horse safely and painlessly, and see progress within days instead of months.

In this audio book, Al shares his expertise and experience to help you become a better horseback rider, and boost your confidence on and off the saddle. With sample chapters available, you can get a taste of the valuable insights that Al shares in this audio book.

Audio Book Chapter 1

My First Sighting

Audio Book Chapter 6

L.B. Horse Trainer

Audio Book Chapter 23

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Confident Horseback Riding Audio Book