Your Riding Posture: Why is it so Important?


A lot of folks that have purchased my 2006 training videos have asked why posture in the saddle is so important. It is awkward to remember where your feet need to be, your elbows at your side, saddle stirrups adjusted a little longer than what I was use to and at the same time having both hands on the reins. It is hard to concentrate on all of these things while thinking about the horse and his movements at the same time.

Well, I remember when I first learned to drive a car with a standard shift transmission. I had to learn the timing of putting my foot on the clutch, remembering how far I had to push it in, where each gear position was, how much gas to give, when to change gears, and coordinate all of these things, I thought I could never remember. But my desire to drive a car was so great that I was willing to take the time to get in time with the car. Before I knew it I was doing all of these things so automatically and the longer that I did it the smoother my timing became.

Well the same thing happens when you are getting in tune with your horse. After a little while each movement becomes easy and automatic. Just like the movement your car does at different speeds, each movement the horse makes means something different just as your car did.

Nothing is more beautiful (in my opinion) than the coordination between horse and rider. This posture is very necessary for you to get in tune with him and your body being in the right position for whatever comes the expected or the unexpected. With the double reins and your feet position will keep you perfectly in balance.

It took me many years to develop this technique because it wasn’t in line with anything that I had done before. This is what you can expect when you open your mind to find a better and easier way to ride your horse. Building your confidence and balance that allows you to do things that you thought you couldn’t.

I have had a lot of fun sharing my experiences with you, I get phone calls from almost everywhere daily. Just as I’m writing this article I have had three calls, one from Orlando from California, Rod from Georgia, and one from Ida from West Virginia. Isn’t that something? Some weeks I get over 50 calls and a lot from over seas.

I want to thank you all for all the confidence you have shown in me. And I want you to know it is a pleasure for me to share my horse experiences with you and your letters and e-mails telling me how well it has worked for you.

See you next month.