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TO ALL OF YOU, MY GOOD FRIENDS, some 8,500 on Facebook and an equal amount that visit me on You Tube and my website, whichhas just been redone, check it out. Then of course, what everyone has been asking for my new book “My Life’s Journey Becoming a Horseman Together as One” is now available on Facebook/alragusin, and This book goes intodetail every aspect of my horse life. It shows you how I use my technique and the Double Reins to accomplish everything I have done over my lifetime with horses of 66 years on how to train your own horse. With over 24 magazine articles written over my lifetime and lots of questions and answers plus so much more! Read about what others have said, and then make up your own mind.

Now think about it, $39.95 for my book and $160.00 for my reins, a total of $200.00, which is all it willCOST YOU to train your own horse and the reins will last for the lifetime of your horse, and the technique… well that isFREE! There are over 100 videos explaining the reins and my techniques at no cost to you. Check out the illustration showing how easy the reins are to put on. Think about it $200.00 and you can train your own horse, because you are the only one that is going to ride him/her. The very first day the reins will collect your horse, and with each passing day, you will see progress, I GUARANTEE it. The price of the book and reins is what most people pay for one “shoeing”. Your time will be your only other investment.



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