My life's Journey
Becoming a Horseman
Together as One.

Horse training Instructional book. You will learn to train your horse with proven methods, and you will have access to tools to accomplish your goals in a safe and pain-free way in only days instead of months. You will see progress with each passing day. When you see progress, it will inspire you to learn more.


Book Chapters

  • Chapter 1 – *Preview*
  • Chapter 2
    My First Sighting
  • Chapter 3
    Old back
  • Chapter 4
    Meeting Kiki
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
    Shrimping *Preview*
  • Chapter 7
    The little Bee
  • Chapter 8
    Bold Vandi Bar
  • Chapter 9
    AQAH Champion
  • Chapter 10
    Ride’em Cowbow
  • Chapter 11
    Turn of Events
  • Chapter 12
    The Mexican Fighting bull
  • Chapter 13
    The Stars are in perfect alignment
  • Chapter 14
    The Rio Grande River
  • Chapter 15
    Places of Travel
  • Chapter 16
    Golden My Best Dancing Horse
  • Chapter 17
    Farm & Ranch
  • Chapter 18
  • Chapter 19
    The Black Knight
  • Chapter 20
    Clarification of Mis-conceptions
  • Chapter 21
    For the Love of Horses
  • Chapter 22
    My Atire
  • Chapter 23
    Magazines & Newspaper Articles – *Preview*
  • Chapter 24
  • Chapter 25
    Letters of Gratitude
  • Chapter 26
  • Chapter 27
    The Final Chapters

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    I love the reins and the technique. It has worked wonders with my OTTB in her dressage training. She quickly learned collection and how to engage her hind quarters. I can't say enough about this...only wish I had it sooner! Graham Lira Love your teaching style! Karen Presley Best reins I have used! More than 7 years using them Jose M.