Chapter 23 – Magazines and newspaper articles

The Proven Truth

I thought long and hard before making the video The Proven Truth. I know people are used to hearing only what they want to hear, not what they need to hear and here comes a horseman, Al Ragusin, to tell you The Proven Truth, what you need to hear! I didn’t expect The Proven Truth to be popular as proven on the unedited video located on my website. My body has taken a beating during my many years of riding horses and in this video, I wanted to share my experiences so maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

This video shows the reality of the horse and everything you should know to ride safely so you don’t follow my beaten path. If I could save one person from being seriously hurt or killed it would
be worth my effort to share my experiences free of charge. Money, I receive, aside from my living expenses, is donated to charity. I am not about money or fame; I want to leave this world exhausted and help as many people as I can along the way. Honestly, I’m afraid that someone will see me for more than I am – I’m just a fisherman’s son and a country boy who loves horses. I have always taken the road less traveled and along the way I got a few bruises, scrapes, and broken bones to boot. Take what I learned and incorporate it into your love of horses and hopefully the knowledge you receive from The Proven Truth will be beneficial to you and help you stay safe. Just remember that what you may not want to hear may be what you need to hear to give you the confidence needed to ride your horse safely.