Understanding Your Horse

I read in your Q & A last month in which you answered a lady’s comment on how to start collection with her horse. My question is do you do this every time, it seems like a long process and would take a lot of time. Am I wrong? Enjoy your column each month.
Johnny Ray

Hi Johnny Ray,
Thank you for your comments. No you are not wrong. At least at first it may seem that way because you are showing your horse the process of walk, trot, and lope. By doing it that way your feet position and balance in the saddle show him the way you want him to respond. In time your horse will respond to you a lot quicker. In a very short time you will be going from a walk and almost instantly to a lope in the lead that you want by your balance, feet position, and repetition. Remember all horses are different but they have one thing in common, their ability to anticipate and associate and they will learn by repetition. Try it in a 42’ round pen and you will see the difference. Good Luck!
Your Friend,